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Call today and set up your driving program

call or text 417.343.1064

or leave message at 417.755.7620




All our programs are available to any Missouri resident 15 or

older with a learner's permit.

We will be building your driving skills in the Springfield Missouri and surrounding area. 

Encouragement From Your Driving Coach







Coach - Rod







Hands on experience is the best way to become a safe and confident driver .





• City, Highway, Interstate, and Rural Road Driving



• Merging and Lane Changes



• Parallel Parking



• Defensive Driving and Laws of

the Road



• Pass Road Skills Test

International Drivers

We can work with International Drivers wanting to gain experience and knowledge in a proven and controlled program.


As an International driver, the laws of our streets can be confusing and with LifeSkills Driving School we are committed to give you the information and driving experience needed to become familiar with skills needed to pass the Missouri Driving Test. We want you to be a safe, courteous and confident driver in Missouri and anywhere you may travel.

Buckle Up!

You will be driving in a newer dual-controlled vehicle that meets all safety requirements and is fully insured.

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